Have you been scammed or hacked? Here is what to do!

The XRP ledger is a public blockchain, with no governing party that can freeze or retrieve funds, close accounts, or otherwise keep people from their assets.

We can flag accounts used for illicit activity, which will:

  • Be included in our API that exchanges and other entities are using for AML compliance to monitor deposits, and possibly withhold illicit funds.
  • Movement of funds will be auto-traced and we will receive notifications whenever they move, no matter how old the case is.
  • In case of a scam, warn other users through wallet software and exchanges using our API, not to send funds to a flagged account.

We monitor hundreds of cases at the same time, parallel.

1. Submit the address to xrplorer

We maintain the largest advisory list database on the XRPL and is used by several entities to combat illicit activity. Submit the bad account here.

2. Report your case to law enforcement

Report it to the local police and if your country has an online report form for cybercrime or financial crime, report it there as well.

3. Follow up on your police report

We work with law enforcement. Let them know that we have the information – the odds are that we are also in contact with other victims and can help law enforcement combine cases across jurisdictions and provide actionable intelligence.

What can you expect?

  • We can't reverse or cancel transactions, no-one can.
  • We do our best to have funds seized when they leave XRP, by working with exchanges and other off ramps – both through our advisory list API and by manually making contact.
  • When you report an account to us, you can expect us to treat your report with as much attention than any other report. We have helped return all from a few hundred XRP to hundreds of thousands.
  • We get many reports every single day. If an account is added to our advisory list, we are taking the best care of it along with all other cases.
  • If money is seized we will contact you (if you have left us a way to contact you).
  • XRP is seized almost every day but to reclaim it you will need to work with law enforcement for paperwork