About xrplorer

xrplorer is built on top of a graph database representation of the complete XRP ledger powered by Neo4j.

The graph database is synchronized every few seconds to contain a near-real-time mirror of the XRP ledger but providing the benefits of graph databases over traditional RDBMS databases, such as relational queries and graph algorithms.

Throughout the website you will find premium features powered by web monetization (streaming micropayments). You can get started streaming micropayments by signing up at coil.com.

xrplorer showcases the database by providing an UI to explore the entire ledger history, but the database is also used behind the scenes for things such as data analysis, investigative tracing of funds and much more.

Read more about our forensics efforts, data analytics or contact us for any enquiries.


Thomas Silkjær
Founder, forensics and analytics
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Alloy networks
Infrastructure and support