Advisory list

We provide data to minimise laundering, scams and illicit use of the XRP ledger (XRPL).

We collect and flag accounts on the XRPL that has been involved in fraudulent or illigal activities, such as Ponzi schemes, thefts, phishing and giveaway scams.

If you wish to submit an account, you can do so here.


We provide access based on activity and type of implementation.

We recommend to implement a user protection, in addition to checking incoming payments, by looking up addresses when a user withdraws XRP and showing a warning if the account is flagged.

Basic FREE
For easy implementation and basic lookup
Access to per-address lookup API endpoint
This subscription is available free of charge for virtual asset service providers, sponsored by the XRP Ledger Foundation.

Read the press release here.
For advanced implementation and greater control
Access to sync the advisory list through API endpoint
License covers one XRP service provider, no shared subscriptions. No re-sharing of data in part or in full. No sublicensing. When subscription ends, so does right to use of the data.
Customised license for e.g.:
Umbrella/Multiple XRP service providers
Rights to redistribute or share

Data Quality

The data is a combination of scraped and user-submitted cases, that are all manually vetted, prior to being pushed to the live advisory list.

Using this manually vetted base dataset, we apply our logic through our state-of-the-art graph representation of all XRPL activity, to extrapolate the dataset, growing the live advisory list in near-real-time.

This logic help prevent some of the many loopholes used by bad actors trying to circumvent blocklists.

Each account is given a status of 1-3, a probability score that can be used as a guide for how you apply the data.

Minimise illicit activity

To minimise the illicit use of the XRPL, demotivation is the key, which is why we promote 2 main uses of the data:

  • Proactive: Prevent scam victims. Use our data to stop users from withdrawing funds to scam accounts.
  • Reactive: Stop money as they are being laundered.

Case example:

Our service is implemented by the XRP Ledger Foundation in one of the most used hosted commercial grade access points to the XRPL: full-history, high availability, low latency & geographic routing.

When users of the XRPL submit transactions using this node, the recipient is looked up in our data, and if the account is flagged the transaction is not submitted and returns a custom error message.

In a period of 5 months, this measure alone has prevented close to 2,000,000 XRP from changing hands from victims to scammers.

Probability scores

By applying proprietary logic to the tagged accounts, we automatically extend and generate an advisory list, warning about potential danger of interacting with these accounts

Each account has a status from 1 to 3, where 3 is highest probability of fraudulent activity:

Status 3

The account has been through a manual vetting process and:

  • The account has positively been identified as scam from social media or website, or
  • The account features in victim report with transaction detail, AND
  • The account activity and connected accounts, matches the nature of the scam being reported.

Status 2 and 1

  • Based on activity patterns and connectivity to accounts with the status 3.

There is always a risk of wrongful tagging, and we are very serious about eliminating false positives. In the unlikely event that this happens, please contact us or send a direct message on Twitter, @xrplorer, to resolve.

We do not guarantee that any published lists or addresses are 100% correct - there is always a possibility for false positives – and we do not guarantee that any published lists is 100% complete.

You can look up addresses on the front page to learn their status, otherwise the advisory list and lookup is accessible through an API, find more information here.