About our forensics efforts

XRP Forensics initiated initially as a community initiative to help prevent and combat fraudulent activity on the XRP ledger; this effort is now continued as a part of xrplorer.

The XRP ledger is a public blockchain, with no governing party that can freeze or retrieve funds, close accounts or otherwise keep people from their assets.

There is a threat to XRP investors, disguised as well-meaning giveaways and airdrops, social media handles disguised as valued community members and celebrities, and websites disguised as official communication channels.

We are building tools to help people who have been victims and to prevent others from becoming so. Time is of the essence. From the time a victim realises they have been defrauded to when they trace their funds and to when they get in touch with an exchange, the money is often long gone.

Cryptocurrency is money and money has existing rules that virtual asset service providers (exchanges, wallets, etc.) must comply with – we provide services to help virtual asset service providers to comply with these responsibilities.

Contact us if you wish to learn more about the services we have to offer.